We are very easy to work with--and completely turnkey.  We meet with you to understand your mission, your goals, your budget, and your unique challenges and opportunities. We develop a strategy and plan for your direct mail program that fits in with your overall fundraising effort. Then we make it all happen for you. 

We write the copy and create the design based on our extensive experience with what works in progressive direct mail fundraising--while taking care to capture your unique voice.  We identify likely lists based on our deep knowledge of what works best in your situation, then work with list brokers and data providers to pull it all together. We work with union printers and letter shops to produce and mail the package cost-effectively and on time. And we carefully analyze the results so we can increase the efficiency of the program with every campaign.

Direct mail fundraising is a complex, difficult, and highly technical undertaking. But you won't have to know a thing about it with us on your side.

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